Umbrella as a wedding "bouquet"?

A while back, I had the pleasure of working with some other awesome suppliers on a styled photo shoot. The theme was woodland fairy tale wedding. I created a few different flowers for this shoot and was inspired by the materials available on the market a few days before. You see, when I create flowers without an end customer, I like to just “let it flow”. Meaning I look at the materials available and I design when I’ve chosen the materials. I know, I know, it’s not the conventional way of doing it, but when you’re on a budget it doesn’t always work out to plan ahead. The only thing I knew for this shoot was that I needed to create a crown and an umbrella and that there had to be blue involved.

I found an umbrella in a charity shop(I like the idea of also supporting our local community) and painted it dark turquoise blue and cut it into the right size. I then dressed it with foliage (mostly greens from the garden) and added flowers at the end. I think the result was quite good. The only thing I wonder is, if any real bride would select an umbrella instead of a bridal bouquet. It is quite large, but you could make a much smaller version. In this case I just wanted to create something that got some attention. What do you think, would you have an umbrella for your wedding day???

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