DIY Wedding Flowers

I've spoken to many brides who would love to get involved in the flowers for their wedding or simply don't have the budget to get all the flowers through the florist. I would like to offer DIY brides a consultancy service, where they can hire me for X hours to help them coordinate their wedding flowers.

Often I hear florists talk about how difficult it is to make flowers and that brides should under no circumstances attempt these themselves. Well, why not? I appreciate that most florists have years of experience and training behind them, however if the bride is not considering huge complicated arrangement, but simple arrangements, flowers arranged nicely in vases and hand tied bouquets, I honestly can't see why this should be a problem.

Flowers should be all about prettiness and fun! If you have a group of people, family and friends who would like to help out the day before the wedding, then you can take away a lot of stress by having someone coordinating the work for you.

10 tips to DIY wedding flowers

  1. Make a sketch of how you would like your flowers to look like. This will minimize waste and keep your cost down.
  2. Calculate carefully how many flowers you would need in each arrangement and add a little extra for wilted, broken flowers. Bare in mind, that if you order flowers from a wholesaler, then they often have a certain quantity for each type of flower. i.e. rose often come in 20 stem bunches.
  3. Ensure you have loads of buckets to store your flowers.
  4. Generally I get my flowers 4-6 days before the wedding. This is because when you buy flowers they are usually little buds and they need time to develop. Some flowers for example lilies, they take many days to open, whereas roses sometimes only need 2 days to bloom fully.
  5. When you get your flowers home from the wholesaler, ensure they get a fresh cut and place them in tempered water. Certain flowers will need warmer water, while other need cooler water.
  6. Make sure you store them as cool as possible. For example a garage, cold basement or similar. Do not let them get sunlight to try and speed things up, this will only make them wilt quicker.
  7. If you're making flowers in foam or arranging in vases, you can start 2 or even 3 days before the wedding. Just make sure they are topped up with water and kept cool.
  8. When arranging the flowers, again make sure to cut the stems before using them. The fresher cut, the better they will last.
  9. If you're making your own bridal bouquet, then make it a day or two in advance, leave out the ribbon and put it in a vase. On the day you dry it with a cloth, add floral tape and ribbon and your bouquet is ready.
  10. If you make your own corsage and buttonholes, then make them the day before, put them in a plastic bag and in the fridge. that way they will stay nice and fresh for the day.

Below you'll find some inspiration for a wedding I did last summer. It took me 3 days to make, so make sure you leave plenty of time and people to help you out for projects like this:)

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