To Chrysanthemum or not to chrysanthemum ?

I really like Fusion Flower Magazine. It shows a variety of florist skills from all over the world. A while ago they ran a competion for Mother's Day (which in the UK is the first Sunday of March) I didn't participate as I saw it too late, however now they are doing yet a competion. This time its a hand tied bouquet:

The spec is as follows:

"This is only open to handtied bouquets BUT they must incorporate 3 of the following items - Anthurium, Calla, Hydrangea, Avalanche Rose & Chrysanthemum + these can be combined with Matthiola, Celosia, Limonium or Scabiosa. NO OTHER FLOWERS ARE PERMITTED."

I think it's a fabulous challenge that allows everyone to participate, however not all florists were happy with the spec. Why I hear you ask? Because it included Chrysanthemum as an option. They did not believe that any bride would ever choose this in her wedding bouquet.

I totally disagree. I think Chrysanthemums are wonderful, versatile flowers, which you can get in a large aray of colours and sizes. By now you've probably guesses that my choice of flowers for this competition will without boubt include Chrysanthemum:)

I'm working on a few different ideas and will of course keep you posted in the process.

Sun is shining, better get out and enjoy while it's there!

Some of my creations including Chrysanthemum

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